Hydro Demolition

Hydro demolition is a fast and efficient method of concrete removal, without damaging the surrounding structure and embedded rebar, utilising the power of high-pressure water. A jet of high-pressure water is directed at the surface of the concrete where it penetrates the voids and micro-cracks. When the water pressure inside the voids overcomes the pressure of the concrete a “blast” occurs.

Hydro demolition can be used for many different applications without the use of jackhammer’s including beams and fender repairs on wharf’s, concrete top deck, channel and slot excavations and deep concrete penetrations.

When rebar or other embedded steel is struck by a jackhammer, vibrations will travel deep into the concrete to areas of sound concrete. Micro fractures and loosening of the rebar is often the result. This can create areas of potential future problems once the concrete is replaced.

With hydro demolition sound concrete is not removed nor is it necessary to replace rebar that has been damaged by the impact of jackhammers. The result is a savings in time, money, and materials.

Benefits of Hydro Demolition